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Advantages of Lumixa Collagen Booster

- Improves skin density by providing a plumping effect

- Improves skin texture, fine lines and pore size

- Initiates corrective action for ages 35 years and above

- Can be used before and after invasive treatments for cellular reactivation

Advantages of Lumixa Skin Normaliser

- For all skin types

- Targets first signs of skin ageing

- Addresses dehydrated, reactive or dull skin

- Preventive and corrective action: it can be used at any age

- Anti-inflammatory effect


What happens during my treatment and how long does it take?

Lumixa treatments are very similar to LED light therapy treatments. 

For all first time clients, we review your skin with our advanced skin analysis camera, the Obsev. 

To prepare for your treatment,  we thoroughly cleanse your skin and  then apply the Lumixa gel on the area of concern ( e.g face, neck, décolletage or other parts of the body). 

Next, we apply our LED light source above the gel area. The actual treatment time can range from 7min to less than 10min! 

Once the treatment is complete, the Lumixa gel is removed and we apply your customised finishing products.  

Initial treatment time ( including skin camera review and consultation ) is 30 min, and follow-up treatments can be as short as 15 min! 

How many treatments do I need?

Whilst guests will experience results from a single session, most will benefit from a full course of 5 treatments ( 1 weekly session over 5 weeks ). 

Based on your skin goals, our paramedical skin therapists will recommend any maintenance plan for you. 

Lumixa treatments can be also added to our other treatment options, as an anti-inflammatory or cellular reactivation treatment.  

Combining Treatments

Can you combine Lumixa with our other treatments? Yes you can! 

Lumixa is ideal to incorporate into our skin health treatments and programs, such as our Age Management or Age Prevention packages by accelerating and enhancing the results of our treatments such as RF Skin tightening and skin needling. 

It's the perfect complimentary treatment as an anti-inflammatory or cellular activation.

How much does it cost?

Guests can choose from either the Skin Normaliser or Collagen booster treatment, or based on your skin goals and skin health analysis from our skin analysis review, our skin therapist can customise a treatment plan which includes a selection of both for you. 

Single treatments only $200 ( RRP $400)

Pack of 5 treatments only $900 ( RRP $2400)

Treatment areas

Face, neck & décolletage

Treatment options

Single treatment - $200

Pack of 5 - $900

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Fluorescent Light Energy with Lumixa

The next big thing in LED is here! Lumixa is a biophotonic gel that is activated when under a Blue LED light.

The activated Lumixa gel converts blue LED light into Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE), much like light refracting when entering a prism.

FLE acts within the different layers of the skin simultaneously, meaning clients can enjoy the benefits of multiple wavelengths of light energy at once on both the epidermal and dermal layers, up to 6mm deep. This process stimulates the skin’s own repair mechanisms to heal at the cellular level.

Meaning you can soak in all the benefits of every LED light in one short session! 

How does Lumixa work?

The Lumixa gel is applied topically to the skin on the treatment area, then placed under a high-powered 415nm – 465nm wavelength (blue) LED light to activate the gel.

The activated Lumixa gel then converts LED light into Fluorescent Light Energy (FLE), which targets the skin at multiple layers (up to 6mm deep), delivering and amplifying the benefits of multiple wavelengths of LED light therapy treatments:

Blue Light – Targets bacteria and has anti-inflammatory effects

Green Light – Targets fibroblasts and induces healing processes

Yellow Light – Reduces redness, swelling and boosts circulation

Red Light – Boosts blood circulation and increases collagen production

 When the FLE mask is applied to the face under the blue LED light it converts it into green, yellow and red simultaneously and continuously. In turn, FLE can interact with the different receptors in the epidermis (top layer of the skin) and dermis (the deeper layers of skin). Addressing all skin concerns in one short treatment! 

There are two types of Lumixa treatment options currently available 

  • Skin normaliser 
  • Collagen Booster    

Lumixa Skin Normaliser

Lumixa Skin Normaliser contains a patented fluorophore (molecule that absorbs light at a particular wavelength, then emits it at a different wavelength) that is effective at treating the very first signs of ageing, along with inflammageing. It’s also highly recommended as a calming solution following more invasive procedures like microneedling.

In-vitro studies show a 77% reduction of skin inflammation 24 hours after treatment with LumixaSkin Normaliser. 

Lumixa Collagen Booster

The Lumixa Collagen Booster formulation contains a patented fluorophore (molecule that absorbs light at a particular wavelength, then emits it at a different wavelength) with an energy profile that makes it highly effective against the signs and symptoms of ageing. Treatments are ideal for age correction on people 35 and over.

In-vitro studies show a 7x increase in collagen production 72 hours after treatments with Lumixa Collagen Booster.

Lumixa Collagen Booster is also highly recommended as a “cellular reactivation” treatment in conjunction with more invasive treatments. 


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