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Painless non surgical way to reduce stubborn fat pockets

Spot reduce fat / target specific fatty areas

Reduce cellulite

No down time post treatment

Fast and effective

See results within 3 days!

Treatment options

only $100 per area

Treatment areas


Thighs ( front or back) 

Lower legs 


Love handles / hips 



How frequently should I get this treatment? 

You need to allow 3 days between treatments to allow the body to eliminate the broken down fat through your lymphatic system, therefor a good treatment plan would be weekly sessions or fortnightly.

After care : 

Clients are advised to hydrate before and after the treatment as this will assist in the break down and elimination of your fat cells. 1.5L is recommended paired with light activity such as a brisk walk or jog for a minimum of 20-30mins as this helps stimulate the lymphatic drainage.

Dry brushing, Saunas, spas and steam rooms are also very effective for accelerated results however not necessary. 

To achieve optimal results your aftercare is just as important. As fat cavitation releases fat from the cells we need to prioritise this fat for elimination. Following a reduced calories, low fat, sugar and sodium diet is key. Sodium especially forces the body to hold fluid which counteracts what we are trying to do. We need to flush the lympathic system not retain it. Therefor we recommend eating a higher protein diet post treatment.

Hydration is key but not just by water intake - ensure you hydrate your areas as this will also assist.

How many sessions do I need? 

This will all depend on your desired outcome and adherence to aftercare and dietary/lifestyle factors outside of your treatment. 

Results are permanent however just like any weight loss program; If your diet or lifestyle is unhealthy you will counteract your results. 

For the best results we recommended a minimum of 4 treatments.

Does it hurt?

No, fat cavitation is very comfortable there is no pain at all. It just feels like a firm massage

How long does the treatment take?

Each area only takes 20 minutes! We can treat a maximum of two areas per session so a treatment will only ever take 20-40mins

Is there any side effects?

Some clients might experience tenderness like they have done an ab workout, a slight heat rash or redness to the area all of which is completely normal and will subside shortly after the treatment

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Fat Cavitation body contouring

Shape and sculpt your body by spot reducing fat permanently! Sometimes diet and exercise alone is not enough to rid stubborn fat pockets - this is where our fat cavitation treatment comes to the rescue! 

We are now able to target stubborn fat pockets and have you feeling body confident. Unlike other body contouring treatments, Fat cavitation will reveal its results from your session in as little as 3 days! 

So what is ultrasonic fat cavitation? 

Fat cavitation therapy is a low level of ultrasound waves that destroys fat cells and virtually melts them down to a liquid form which is further drained through your lymphatic system. The treatment looks and feels similar to a ultrasound. The high tech device moves over the target area, which is designed to contour & sculpt the area by reducing subcutaneous fat. It is pain free with no down time. 


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